Everything About Nectar Collector

These vertical vaporizers are very useful and convenient and that’s why they are very famous. This post is going to tell you more about them.

How do I work this thing?

We are assuming that there are many people who are new to this device hence don’t know much about it so let’s just tell you how this thing works. It is actually very simple to use Nectar Collector. All you have to do is heat the tip, then dip and at the end sip. So simple it sounds like a rhyme. But you have to be beware of this as overheating the tip can mess things up pretty easily.

Getting the water in (and out!)

Keep this in mind that you have to fill all the water-cooled nectar collectors from the top. Fill it with nearly halfway up the inside diffuser for optimal percolation. Then you have to remove the tip and fill your water cooled Nectar Collector. You also have to make sure that there is no water in the lower joint before you start using it. This is important because if the water gets trapped in the tip, then it can lead to cracking of the tip or joint or something worse can happen too. Hot glass tips will start cracking instantly due to water. It can also happen that water dripping into a hot tip can vaporize violently enough to shatter the lower body of your Nectar Collector. Removing water is very easy as you have to remove the tip and blow down with full energy through the mouthpiece. The water will come out from the bottom of the piece after blowing it out.


Cleaning is very important and you should know how to do it properly. In order to clean your piece, you first have to remove the tip and blow all the water down from the tip joint from the mouthpiece. Once done, you have to fill the piece with a good quality cleaner and let the piece soak for nearly an hour. If you don’t have the cleaner then salt and rubbing alcohol can also work very well. To make the piece sock the most, you should set the piece vertically in a cup or glass so that it can soak overnight. In the morning, rinse the piece with hot water. You have to keep rinsing it until the water runs clear. You can also clean the tip the same way.

Heating the Tip

For this step, you have to make sure that there is no water trapped inside the tip or in the bottom joint of the device. In case water drips into a hot tip, it can vaporize and shatter the lower body of the nectar collector. You can use brushing motion with the torch flame to properly heat the tip. You are supposed to heat the end of the tip only. Leave it for a couple of seconds and then hold the torch steady this will help the edge of where the blue part of the flame meets the yellow part of the flame in focusing on just the end of the tip. After that smoothly roll the Nectar Collector back and forth as this will heat the end of the tip evenly.

After some time, the tip will have a faint orange glow. Once you start seeing this, you need to stop heating and wait for about 3 seconds. Make sure the tip is not red as you will not be vaporizing your concentrate, you will be burning it. An important thing to know here is not to overheat the tip as it can crack the joint that connects the tip to the device. Usually, 600 to 900 degrees F is the right temperature where most concentrates vaporize.

What are the Dip and Sip?

If you want to get the best outcome then you should approach the edge of your concentrate carefully with the hot tip. If you will go for the center of the pill then it might cause it to melt and puddle. Due to this your valued resource will be sucked up into the Nectar Collector without it vaporizing. Due to this your remaining stash will taste less than optimal.

For the Perfect Hit

For a perfect hit you need to draw in air through the mouthpiece prior to touching the hot tip to the sector. Softly touch the edge of your stash and then immediately pull it away. Make sure that while doing this, you have to continue inhaling. In order to get a bigger hit you have to go back right away from another dip and continue the same.


So far, the nectar collector is being made by humans through their hands. Every company wants to give the best to their customer but since nothing is perfect, some occasional defects in materials and workmanship can happen. This can cause some damage to the product. The best nectar collector will give you a good hit and that is how you will get to know if you are working with the right one or not. For example, eyce silicone nectar collectors would never fail to give you the right hit.  If you find any defect then you should get in touch with the customer care sector of the brand that you are working for. Usually, good and highly reputed brands give warranty while others may not give it. So it depends upon the brand you are going with.

If there will be a small defect the company would be responsible for it. In case the device gets broken from your end, you can give it to the company for repairing or they can also replace it depending upon the condition of the nectar collector. That’s why it is really important to choose the best brand and high-quality nectar collector which will give you the best experience as well as good customer care service too. If you are a newbie then we would recommend you to do complete research before buying the device.


Keven Mcelhannon