What is the importance of Print Estimating Software?

When anyone hears about printing, we usually overlook it so easily since we all have been doing it for quite a few times now and what people usually do is press print and something comes out. There is not much to it, at least that is what most people think. Print Industry is really big and it faces its own challenges from time to time. With the increasing technology and high demand of clients, the traditional ways of how people handle everything are rendered moot these days and if you want to make a name for yourself you need to bring something new, something efficient, and better to the table.

You can never ignore the print management information system (more commonly known as Print MIS) in a business, no matter how small or big your company is if you don’t have a good Print management information system all things can go haywire in a moments’ notice. An efficient Print MIS will result in better ROI (return on investment) which in turn will result in your company profiting and growing each day.

Print estimates are calculated on their own by the computer (it calculates using the inventory and the load assigned to be printed) and these quotes can then be shared with the customers. There are many APIs made for this crucial step which you can find online by searching things like software for print quoting, which will show you all amazing software that are used in print quoting (“calculating the pricing and displaying it to the user). You can also send multiple orders (Stacks or orders in fact) and even send multiple invoices or a single one (you can attach it with the completed order or send it after the order is done). This type of functionality comes from an automated invoice manager module which lets you choose what you want to do about the invoices and how you want your customers (or clients) to receive them.

the employees designated with the role of providing the estimates for transactions and about the Printing jobs are prone to error due to the factor of them being susceptible to make mistakes. But with this software making sure that everything is working properly and calculating the cost along the printing makes it better suited for this job and will result in estimations with no errors. With Print MIS any of your customer service representatives can provide quotes.


Creating estimations is also really easy with this software since you have little to do in this. During your conversation with the customer or the client you can provide them with the information they need about the print estimations in a split second using this software and all you have to do is enter the basic information and you will have a number accurate to the point according to your initial inputs. This is what attracts most companies to this software since it has high reliability and your employees can use this without any worry and at the same time you can keep an eye on what they are doing using this software. You can also use software for print quoting which also gives you estimation prices for the task and helps you share the information with the customer remotely using the internet.

Using the print MIS software, you can create (virtually) user roles and you can assign them different access permissions (for the purpose of security of business data). You can manage these printing jobs better and way more efficiently by this method and keep all of your staff in sync with the current workload. This helps clear out all the bridges and gaps between projects due to improper printing efficacy. You can also set up breakpoints for the people working on a specific project and put an approval system using this software only, this system can be automated (will put a stop on its own) or you can do it manually whenever you want to. This results in getting error-free tasks carried out only because of the printing industry management information system.

A cloud-based print estimating system is one of the most important systems which you need to make your business bloom. They are highly customizable and make it really easy to add data about expenses related to creating and selling new products. The companies creating these management information systems understand that every step of the way companies use different software to perform different tasks and if there is one part where the software is not compatible the whole system might be at risk. This is the reason for them to make all the software compatible with each other so that there is no breaking point during the creating or sales.

The print management information system also works as a Print CRM and thus you have no need to invest in a Print CRM since its functionality has already been added there with so many new features. It manages information on both ends, not just for you and the company but also for the clients and keeps track of everything on their side too. The advanced search options help to find anything you are looking for but cannot seem to find in the menu. With so many different features and having such high versatility lets you retrieve all the data, you are looking for in an instant.

One other feature that always gets overlooked in Print MIS is Reporting. Reporting can help in so many great ways that we do not realize like analyzing your business and its work from all the different ways one can think of. All of those have been printed in one way or another and a report about them can help us figure out which end seems to be lagging so that you can improve that aspect of your business. These reports are easily transferred, can be downloaded, and read anywhere. The information generated by these reports helps you compare your company to other companies and see what you must do in order to get ahead of them.

Keven Mcelhannon