Results that Breast Surgery Gives

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All over the world women are undergoing breast surgical procedure. With this surgical method, they can get the desired breast shape and youthful appearance. Additionally, it addresses the problem of saggy or drooping breasts. This guide will help you understand the results the breast surgery will give when you choose the best surgeon.


Different procedures are there for breast surgery. With breast augmentation, the breast shape can be enhanced. Whereas with breast reduction, the breast size can be made smaller and with the breast lift, the saggy or droopy breast will be made perkier and youthful. Breast reconstruction is a group of procedures that is very helpful for patients with breast cancer.

Undergoing breast revision surgery will help patients who have suffered through earlier complications. This can happen when you have not chosen an experienced and trained doctor. In most cases, it is important for patients to choose the best plastic surgeon to get the best possible results.

What does the procedure of breast lift include?

The breast lift is an outpatient procedure. There are different methods that this surgery can be performed. The doctor is going to choose between the crescent lift, doughnut mastopexy, lollipop lift, crescent lift, inverted T lift, and anchor lift.

Our surgeon is going to help you choose the best procedure for you depending on your condition. To reshape the breast and solve the issue of the saggy breast, the surgeon can either remove tissues or add implants.

What are the different types of implants?

The patients can choose different types of implants. It includes:

  • Saline Implants
  • Silicone implants
  • Round Implants
  • Anatomic implants
  • Smooth implants
  • Textured implants

Around 2/3rd of the patients are using silicone implants because they give a more natural look and feel. Additionally, there are fewer chances they will have textural changes. The saline implant can be absorbed safely from a defaulted or ruptured saline. Our surgeon will guide you in detail on which option is best suited for you.

What all is included in the breast reconstruction surgery?

Undergoing breast reconstruction means the breast is replaced or some of its parts. There are various methods to do this During the combination procedure, our surgeon is going to find the best technique to reconstruct the breast according to the patient’s need.

During the surgery, the excess fat or skin will be removed from the back or abdomen. This will be used to reconstruct the breast the women desire to have. This type of procedure can be performed with different types like a permanent implant or tissue expander. When you visit our surgeon, he is going to make sure you are given the customized treatment plan which addresses all your needs.

Take proper care

No doubt, the results of all the procedures are best and they last for a long time. But, make sure they are effective and according to the way you want. You must take care properly and follow the surgeon’s guidelines.

You need to give your body some time to recover properly. There is no need to put stress on your body for a few weeks.


If you think the procedure is right for you then learn about the options in detail from our surgeon. Book your consultation today only and get started with the most effective treatment plan.

Keven Mcelhannon