Sic Bo Terms – The Complete Glossary

Sic Bo (ไฮโล) is one of the games that is amazingly structured. It is really enjoyable and can actually make you win some amazing money but if you haven’t heard about it, we wouldn’t be surprised as this is not that famous. In fact, some of you might be hearing this game for the first time, and let us tell you that it is a gambling game that originated in Asian countries. It is really amazing to play but for some reason (that we are not sure of) it didn’t reach out to the rest of the world successfully and that’s why it is a very underrated game. If you like to play games like carp and roulette, then this would be a perfect game for you.

All thanks to the internet as this game is getting more and more famous. This game is reaching out to the people and it seems like people are enjoying it. Sic Bo is getting famous every day and people are loving it. But still, there are not as many fans of this game as compared to the other gambling games like craps, slots, roulette, etc. You would be really happy to know that this game can be played online and you can easily access this game if you want to try out something really good. But before playing any gambling game, it is very important to know about it.

You would be able to grasp the knowledge if you will start researching it. One really good thing about this game is that this game is not that hard to understand. It has simple rules that you can understand easily. There are a couple of terms that you should know and today we are about to tell you some of them.

Any Triple Bet: In this one, the player doesn’t have to choose a particular number so that the requirements can be fulfilled which is not the case with every triple bet. The payout is between 30 to 1.

Betting Table: This term is used to refer to the table of betting. Obviously this is one of the best things in this game as this allows the player to play this game by letting him/her place the wager.

Big Bet: This term is used to refer to a wager that lets the player predict the complete sum of the three dice will be in between 11 and 17. Such bets can have payouts of 1 to 1.

Cage: This can be used to define a situation in which three dice are shaken before they could be rolled.

Clear: This term can be considered as the synonym of “cancel.” If the player clears or cancels the bet, this means all the bets that were placed before on the table are removed and the chips are given back to the player.

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Chuck-a-luck: This Sin Bo betting term is also called “birdcage”, “sweat cloth” and “chuckerluck” and is known to be a variant from the United States which is believed to be its origin in “grand hazard.” In Chuck-a-luck, all three dices are kept inside pivots that are like a birdcage from its central points. The job of the dealer is to rotate the cage and when it comes to the end with the dice landing on the bottom. Generally, Chuck-a-luck only involves a single number bet. But it is not a rule because players can also have an additional wager for any triple. You would be surprised to know that Chuck-a-luck used to be played at a huge level in Nevada bit nowadays, it has been totally replaced by Sic Bo tables.

Dice: Many ga,bling games use only one or two dice but this game is different in that way as well. It has three sides and every dice has six faces.  The main aim of this game is to predict the outcome of these three dice once they have been rolled. Every roll of the dice is the turn.

Double Bet: This is a bet in which the player has to place a bet on the number which is between 1 and 6. To achieve success, two of the three available dice will have to come with the betted number.

Duo: In this type of bet the player has to bet that two specific numbers will show on two of the three dice. An interesting thing about this term is that there are fifteen different types of duos in Sic Bo.

Grand Hazard: This is a gambling game that was developed in England and this game is also played with three dice. Don’t get it confused with Hazard in which two dice are involved. In this gambling game, the dice are rolled via a cup of a special chute called a “hazard chute” and this has a series of planes. This topic can go on and on.

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