Why as a small business owner, you should take SEO seriously

Why as a small business owner, you should take SEO seriously

Let’s face it; SEO is not dead. Actually, far from it. If you’re a small business owner, SEO should be your one of the leading marketing strategies. If you don’t understand it and think it’s too complicated, that’s fine.  Even after so many years, it still remains like voodoo in the mainstream small business sector. A humble shop owner still doesn’t understand, or better we say he doesn’t care to understand this incredible marketing strategy. But you needn’t worry. We provide affordable seo services for small business  sector successfully year after year. You can see our site for those 5-star reviews left by our satisfied clients, you can contact them and can talk to them about their success stories. So, if you’re still not confident enough, let me show you some points which will help you to understand why you should take SEO seriously.


It works, period:

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More than anything else, the basics didn’t change at all; it still works and will continue working. Content is still king and Link building is still the most critical part of SEO. Although the shady strategies which worked back in 2000, doesn’t work anymore, that’s actually good! Right now, it’s not a competition between hardworking white hat and shady black hat – instead, it’s now a competition of who is white hat.


Rest assured that It will work for unforeseeable future:

The way Google is releasing its algorithm update almost twice a year, the way search algorithms and SERP was being updated in last 10 years, it is very safe to predict that SEO is going nowhere anytime soon. Every time Google releases a major update, it creates lots of panic and rumors in the SEO community. That’s because many so-called SEO experts think that SEO is a one-time fix, and once you fix it, your site will remain at the top giving you desired traffic and leads year after year. But that’s not true. Sure, they might have some incredible success back in 2000, but that was due to an entirely different reason. Back in those days, there was not much competition in most of the niches. Websites, for that matter, was not very popular in mass. Internet sites all these things were too technical for general people, and these were being used for some particular purposes only like researching, not for everyday things like shopping as today. Internet speed was also a matter. Let alone 3g/4g or broadband; people usually got dial-up internet connection in those good old days. Since there was very less competition in any niche, a few links here and there, and you get to the top position and remain there for month after month. Heck, I even ranked a site with just keywords in metatag with zero link building and stayed at the top for a couple of months, and this was in 2001 I am talking about. But that was ages ago. Today, millions of brand-new sites and blogs coming online every day and Google as a search engine evolved so much that it can instantly detect even slightest hint of spammy links and plagiarized content. Hence, you must develop yourself too, to be able to keep up with your competition in this search-race. The real and professional SEO experts know this. They know that unless you work on the website frequently, unless you put new informative content in your site in a regular basis unless you create high-quality non-spammy relevant link every now and then – you ought to be doomed, your site ought to be dumped much behind than the competition. SEO is not a one-shot game, it’s a continuous process and only your consistent effort, and attention to the site can make it to the top of the SERP, nothing else.

Dennis Nathoo